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Year Last Name First Name Fish Class Boat Name
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 DateMBRAnglerFishWeight LinePointsBoatSkipperB/LLocation 
Select01/12/2020JrLa Fond, NatalieRock Fish4.8 300GET KNOTTY   
Select01/12/2020JrLa Fond, NicoleRock Fish3.5 300GET KNOTTY   
Select01/18/2020 Martinez, MiguelRock Fish7.8 500CAT-FISH *   
Select01/18/2020 Martinez, MiguelRock Fish6.5 500CAT-FISH *   
Select01/25/2020 Chambliss, LaurieRock Fish6.8 500GET KNOTTY   
Select04/03/2020 Garcia, CesarTuna, Blue Fin62.5 800ALBATROSSJon WilsonL425
Select04/03/2020 Wilson, JonTuna, Blue Fin66.0 300ALBATROSSJon WilsonL425
Select05/22/2020 Luz, JoshTuna, Blue Fin120.4 800SEA STALKERJosh LuzLHidden Bank
Select05/22/2020 Pendarvis, JonYellowtail30.4 300CABRILLAMarcus HaleLCoastal
Select05/24/2020 Hale, MarcusTuna, Blue Fin125.2 1300ALBATROSSJon WilsonL425
Select05/28/2020 Rodenberg, RichardTuna, Blue Fin119.0 1300RENEGADERichard RodenbergBHidden Bank
Select05/29/2020 Williams, Robert "Bert"Tuna, Blue Fin127.0 1300ALBATROSSJon WilsonB371
Select05/29/2020 Hale, MarcusWhite Sea Bass50.8 300CABRILLAMarcus HaleL 
Select05/29/2020 Pendarvis, JonYellowtail31.8 300CABRILLAMarcus Hale Coastal
Select05/30/2020JrHale, EthanWhite Sea Bass44.6 300CABRILLAMarcus HaleLCoastal
Select06/05/2020 Reden, JustinTuna, Blue Fin129.6 1300FISH TALE *Ian PelligriniB371
Select06/05/2020 Hughes, MikeTuna, Blue Fin130.4 1300FISH TALE *Ian PelligriniB371
Select06/06/2020 Williams, Robert "Bert"Tuna, Yellowfin22.3 300ALBATROSSJon WilsonB371
Select06/11/2020JrHale, EthanTuna, Blue Fin24.7 500CABRILLAMarcus Hale  
Select06/16/2020 Wilson, JonTuna, Yellowfin36.4 500ALBATROSSJon WilsonB302
Select06/16/2020 Grossmann, DustinTuna, Yellowfin32.1 300NO RECEPTION *Carl GivensB302
Select06/25/2020 Reece, RonTuna, Blue Fin122.5 300HUSTLERRon ReeceB230 North
Select06/27/2020 McFadden, BruceTuna, Blue Fin126.0 1300DROP BACKBob Woodard Jr.L43 Fathom Spot
Select06/27/2020 Woodard Jr., BobTuna, Blue Fin128.8 1300DROP BACKBob Woodard Jr.L43 Fathom Spot